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Special material for polyolefin wear-resistant pipe

Donghong EN900 series polyolefin wear-resistant pipeline is a graft-modified polyolefin elastomer with excellent wear resistance. It has good mechanical properties, processing performance and wear resistance. It is widely used in the co-extrusion wear-resistant layer of polyethylene pipeline, polypropylene pipeline and the lining wear-resistant layer of metal pipeline. Good compatibility with polyethylene, polypropylene and other pipes, extrusion speed matching, suitable for double or multi-layer co-extrusion. With excellent mechanical properties. Excellent wear resistance performance, especially suitable for mortar, slag and other delivery pipelines.

Special bonding resin for steel wire mesh skeleton composite pipe

Donghong EN300 series adhesive resin has stable performance, strong adhesive relay, good processing mobility, excellent compatibility with polyolefin resin, excellent chemical adhesive strength with steel wire and copper-plated steel wire, excellent adhesive durability, health and safety, and non-toxic residue. Excellent adhesive relay and good processing performance!


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