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Mining safety
Donghong HL series phosphorus flame retardant material is a high efficiency flame retardant product with polyolefin as the carrier resin, mainly environmental-friendly compound phosphorus flame retardant, mixed and mixed with several effective flame retardant, mixed, extrusion and granby double-screw extruder.
Special materials for antistatic flame retardant polyethylene pipe used in coal mine

Special materials for anti-static flame-retardant polyethylene pipe in Donghong Coal Mine are designed according to MT558.1-2005 standard, using high density polyethylene as base resin, mixed with high-performance conductivity and non-toxic and environmental-friendly micro-encapsullated compound phosphorus, made by special dispersion process and mixed processing, suitable for the production of gas pumping pipe, positive pressure duct, negative pressure duct, grouting pipe and water supply and drainage pipe.


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