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Plastic increase Metal anti-corrosion Mining safety Pipe auxiliary
Pipe auxiliary
Donghong color parent material is high-quality imported pigment as the main raw material, and polyolefin resin is selected as the carrier, treated by high active surface modifier, coupling agent and capacifying agent, and made through double screw extrusion processing, which is suitable for the color adjustment of PE modified plastic.
Functional carbon black mother particle

Donghong black mother are all new resin as the carrier, while the choice of pigment carbon black and quality functional aid compound. The product formula after strict screening and optimized, advanced production equipment and strictly controlled process, to ensure the stability of the product quality. This series of products in the process of tasteless, smoke-free, non-toxic, environmental protection, while with excellent dispersion, can give customers good black and gloss, excellent weather resistance, good appearance finish, at the same time has no adverse impact on the physical and mechanical performance of the product. The use of Donghong black mother has the advantages of improving customer product quality, reducing production costs and reducing pollution.


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