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Stock abbreviation: Donghong shares Stock code:603856

Donghong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. is a listed enterprise on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange

 Is a national high-tech enterprise integrating intelligent pipeline system research and development, manufacturing and service.

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46.71Ten thousand kilometers

24 years,the Donghong Mine pipeline will safely run 183,700 kilometers, which can take 4.5 laps around the Earth's equator

The total length of all the Donghong pipelines is about 467100 kilometers, beyond the farthest distance of the Earth from the moon.


He comes from the hometown of Confucius, Qufu.

Hard childhood made him pick up the burden of the family from an early age Not afraid of others despise

 I'm afraid I have no ambition This sentence has been deeply imprinted in his heart In 37years

He started from scratch, worked hard

 Found truth and seeks truth Leading companies keep making progress Accomplished the first listed company in the pipeline industry in China He is a dreamer

 And he is a practical man. The Belt and Road, the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, the Capital Airport, Penglai Cross-Sea, Yellow River, and Shenhua Shendong Coal Mine... 

His business supplies up to 460,000 kilometers of pipelines for thousands of large-scale projects worldwide Equivalent to Earth's distance to the moon He is hailed as "the father of China's steel-plastic composite pipe applications."


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