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Recruitment Position
  • Research and development technology
    Place: Jining, Shandong Release time: 2021-08-04 Quantity: 20 Education: Bachelor's degree or above


    1, is responsible for product cost control, reviewing the scientificity and rationality of product formula standards and related processes, and the communication and coordination of product transformation.

    2, is responsible for the improvement of production process, formula, connection methods and the promotion of test results.

    3, is responsible for reviewing the rationality and scientific nature of the product and the original material standard documents.


    1, bachelor's degree or above, machinery, polymer materials and chemical major priority.

    2, can be skilled in operating commonly used office software, rigorous, responsible, and team spirit.

  • Market Research Commissioner
    Place: Jining, Shandong Release time: 2021-08-04 Quantity: 5 Education: Bachelor's degree or above


    1. assists the manager in formulating market development plans and is responsible for the organization and implementation of various special investigations;

    2. is responsible for communication with domestic mainstream research institutions and output various analysis reports according to the original data and manager requirements;

    3. forms the evaluation document of the letter tone report based on the opinions of various aspects, makes corresponding summary and analysis, and forms experience accumulation;

    4. is responsible for the unified management and evaluation of marketing activities, services, or information suppliers;

    5. completes the relevant statistical analysis or progress report;

    6. collects various information about competitors or products, such as strategies, activities, promotional materials, etc., and is responsible for market research;


    1.Bachelor's degree or above in 1. marketing management or related major;

    2. has a background in related industries and those with more than two years of experience in market research is preferred;

    3. is familiar with product structure adjustment and product operation operation, with divergent thinking and innovation consciousness;

    4. is good at thinking, with good adaptability, communication and coordination ability and text organization ability;


  • Product Manager
    Place: Jining, Shandong Release time: 2020-08-01 Quantity: 5 Education: College degree or above


    1. is familiar with the whole process of product ranging from business research, demand analysis, planning and promotion to the realization process and product release;

    2. regularly improves the internal and external product quality defects of the existing old products, and formulates and implements the measures;

    3. carries out the formulation and implementation of market research, customer demand, product planning, market positioning, product appeal and other related promotion plans around the implementation of the company's new product projects;

    4. According to the company and the market product promotion and implementation needs, it carries out the relevant formulation and implementation coordination of the product market promotion plan and sales promotion;

    5. evaluates the construction of the basic data of the company's products / competing products, and establishes an analysis mechanism of the basic project database including, but not limited to, the product specifications, model, positioning, demand, price, cost, market distribution, share, etc.;

    6. is responsible for the promotion of the overall product line or part of the products, and makes the result tracking, analysis and evaluation of the sales measures of one field in the stage.

    7. completes other temporary matters assigned by the superior leaders;


    Have strong written expression ability and oral communication ability, to be able to communicate smoothly with customers, research and R & D personnel, and complete the writing of various documents independently;

    Good learning ability, team spirit, analysis and judgment ability, communication and coordination ability;



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